In Houston you have a very competitive marketplace to procure your electric service. There are electricity service billboards monopolizing most highways in Houston from companies like Gexa, TXU, Reliant, Green Mountain Energy, Champion Energy, and even the popular MLM company Ambit Energy.

What competition means for you is a more efficient level of billing and customer service as companies must fiercely compete and reduce margins to win your business. Unfortunately some companies choose the easier rule of cheating rather than competing.

What I mean by cheating is that some Houston energy providers will hide their expensive rate in what appears to be a competitive rate. You will also see schemes where a provider will attempt to represent themselves in a door to door sales tactic as the old monopoly provider as if Centerpoint Energy or Reliant Energy sent them to your door.

It helps to hear and read stories from other consumers that have chosen a competitive Houston electric rate so you can make a well informed decision. We offer some popular issues in Houston in regards to retail electricity markets. Feel free to give your story or comment on an article with your advice or information. If you have a lot to say we may feature your comment as its own post on this site.

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