Houston Electricity with no deposit or credit check

Houston electricity with no depositThere is sometimes the unfortunate circumstance of being declined by almost everyone when they check your credit.

Houston light company deposits can be out of this world and sometimes stretch into $800 if your credit is just horrible.

Usually when one Houston electric company turns you down based on credit they all will.

The deposit amounts vary from one electric provider to the next but there are also other options to just avoid a deposit completely.

A Houston prepay or prepaid electricity company can sign you up with no deposit at all and with no credit check.

Some of these no deposit prepaid companies use smart meter technology and others do not.

Since not everyone has a smart electric meter in Houston there are estimates done to allow you to still prepay for service.

To learn more about no deposit electricity in Houston please type in your zip code in the compare tool, click on compare, and go to the no deposit tab.

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