Determining all fees and charges with a Houston electricity rate

Houston Electricity SuppliersWhen shopping for Houston electricity rates and locating the hidden fees and charges that are sometimes associated with the price it can be confusing.

A standardized comparison allows you to see multiple electricity prices side by side from several energy providers to make the process a little easier.

We are here to point out some of the more confusing aspects of the comparison process that you may have not considered.

The fees and charges that are in addition to your retail electricity rate are usually bundled in to the price. Since there is no hard and fast rule about a few of these charges being included you sometimes see them left off in newspaper ads, pay per click ads, and when speaking to someone on the phone.

A Houston electricity rate worth comparing should be a fixed price plan so you can easily compare it to other providers rate plans.

When the plan lacks a fixed structure the Houston electricity company can change your price after the first month and sometimes before than.

A 3 month fixed electric rates in Houston presents a similar trick with the price changing and so we recommend avoiding comparing these as well.

What usually happens on a 3 month fixed electric rate is that the customer forgets how short term their plan is and roles over on a higher prices plan after the 3rd month.

Unless you catch these tricks early enough you will pay dearly around month 4 when you have a Houston electricity bill near double what you arr used to paying.

We are fortunate in Texas as the PUCT and ERCOT have required that many of the fees and charges that were previously left off of the advertised electric rate must be bundled in now.

If you have questions or would like to compare Houston electricity rates we recommend you may do so by using the compare chart at the top right.

Begin by entering in your zip code and than click on “Compare”

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