Whats the cheapest electric company in Houston, TX for an apartment?

Cheapest Houston apartment electricityThis question assumes that some Houston electric providers can offer a better price if you live in a small apartment. I wish this were the case but there is just not enough difference in electric usage to warrant a discount for someone living in an apartment.

The only way an apartment renter could get a discount solely for the fact that they live in a Houston apartment is if the apartment owner worked out a master metered electricity account for all tenants with one electric company. This type of master meter account would be what an all bills paid type of apartment complex would have.

You would simply pay the apartment for your electricity each month rather than a Houston electric provider. The upside is the landlord can usually work out an aggregated cheaper electricity rate much better by buying in volume. The downside is that the landlord can add a retail margin on that rate to make additional profit on their tenants.

The question raised in these master metered electricity agreements by the tenants is if the landlord is making too much retail margin? Even if you could be saving money in a master-metered apartment you will always ask yourself if the landlord is taking advantage even if he has no margin.

Also consider that a master-metered apartment complex has either locked in the electricity price for several years or has it on a month to month energy contract.

The tenants in a situation like this may be very happy while the price is lower than what they see on TV, billboards, and radio but as soon as the price is higher than the advertisements everyone feels as if they have been screwed.

In reality just as you would have to honor a fixed electric rate agreement an apartment landlord must honor a fixed energy agreement as well even while their tenants complain.

Many apartment owners have found that it is more hassle than it is worth to have the tenants pay them directly because of the constant barrage of complaints when prices become lower than their contracted rate.

As you can see this is a complicated question. The cheapest electric company in Houston TX for non-master-metered apartments can be found among our recommended electric companies using the compare chart at the top right.

P.S. If you live in an old school Houston apartment that ha indoor hallways that are air conditioned you can leave your door open a crack to your apartment and receive free air conditioning into your apartment. Some people have practically totally reduced their Houston electric bill using this technique. Good luck finding this apartment complex as this is a closely held secret not many are willing to tell.


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