Houston Electric Company recommendation/explanation

Houston electric companyMany people that are first time home buyers or are simply relocating for the first time to Houston will be confused about electricity choice in the Harris County area.

Usually the construction company will have the service on a  default account with Reliant Energy and it is assumed you must stick with them as perhaps they are the only provider.

There are actually many Houston electric companies and when deciding to switch electric service into your own name some have discovered that it is not easily done from the Reliant Energy website.

What we recommend doing is comparing your current Reliant Energy rate with cheaper available electricity rate plans in Houston.

There are over 30 retail energy suppliers in Houston but we do not recommend all of them.

What we have done is compared these electric companies in Houston and laid out their rate plans side by side.

You can go through several fixed electric rate plans and pick out one that is the cheapest or with an energy brand you trust.

Your generated electricity all comes from the same source and so when picking a new Houston electric provider just remember that the only thing that changes is billing and customer service.

Our recommendation is to begin your search using an electric rate comparison put together by Houston energy consultants like the one at the top right.

Enter in your zip code and click on “Compare” and our daily comparison of Houston electric companies will appear. There you can learn more as well as order electric service online, fast and with an immediate confirmation of your order.


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