Has TXU Energy knocked on your Houston door?

Houston TXU and door to door electric salesA common practice in the highly competitive electricity market in Houston Texas is to have an energy supplier knock on your door and attempt to switch you to their electric service.

TXU Energy is one of Reliant Energy’s main competitors and it is typical to see this company send out sales people that walk door to door and offer incentives for you to switch away from Reliant Energy to their company.

In the past TXU Energy offered prepaid credit cards that had $50 or so on them although these incentives change from time to time.

Reliant Energy is known for feet on the street type sales campaigns as well and can be found in the Dallas area as they attempt to switch TXU’s customers over to their company.

Although TXU and Reliant have not abused the practice of door to door sales other electric providers have been known to act as if they were sent by the utility to get you a cheaper price.

Rather then disclose that the sales person is with a competing electric company they use the customers confusion regarding the deregulation process to switch them away from their current electric provider.

We do not believe TXU or Reliant Energy is involved in this deceptive practice but it is good to have a little warning about this as it is fairly easy to assume the person knocking on your door is simply the electric utility in Houston trying to help you out.

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