If you need to compare electric rates in Houston we recommend the following resources. Disclaimer: We may receive a commission from some of the companies listed in our resource list. The companies listed have been personally used by the staff of this site and are deemed to receive the highest recommendation from us. If you ever have a problem with the resources on this page we always welcome critical feedback which can be left in the comment section below. Also, if you have a had a good experience with the resources below feel free to let us know below as well. – Private company that compares electric companies and rates in Texas. Efficiently sorts prices based on fixed, variable, green, and customer satisfaction. – Government resource for comparing electric companies and rates. Not all companies, plans and rates are listed. – Elecric Reliability Council of Texas, (Rolling blackouts, these guys handle things like this as well as manage turn on and turn off requests) – Got a complaint against an electric company? This is the government agency that will listen and investigate


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